God communicates His life, His grace, His fullness through His Word. Imagine what would happen in our hearts, our homes, and our church if every household was filled with God’s Word.

That's why we want to help families BRING IT HOME

Putting easy to understand, family friendly Bible stories into your hands.

Encouraging your family to read five of the great stories of the Bible together each week.

Helping you talk about the Bible, about God's work, and about your faith.

Sharing opportunities to pray together.

Sign up for our "Bring It Home" program in the church fellowship hall to receive a copy of The Story Bible or Know the Bible now for just $5.00 each.

Then download the weekly family devotional guides for each book below, and let God enrich you as you read and talk about his great love for his people.

All are welcome to download and reproduce the devotional guides, whether you sign up for the Bring It Home program or not

130 stories directly from the words of scripture

Great for everyone. Perfect for kids aged 4-10

Sign up for Bring it Home, or purchase your own copy from Concordia Publishing.

120 stories directly from the Words of Scripture.

Great for ages 10 and up. Required for Confirmation

Sign up for Bring It Home, or purchase your own copy from Concordia Publishing.