Sunday School

Summer 2020 Take Home Packets

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, St. John's Sunday School launched a take home Sunday School program designed to help parents teach their children the small catechism at home throughout the week. These lessons were based on My First Catechism from CPH. You can find all the take home packets here!

Younger Grade Packets (K-2nd)

Week 1 G1.pdf
Week 3 G1.pdf
Week 5 G1.pdf
Week 7 G1.pdf
Week 9 G1.pdf
Week 2 G1.pdf
Week 4 G1.pdf
WEEK 6 G1.pdf
Week 8 G1.pdf
Week 10 G1.pdf

Older Grade Packets (3-5th grade)

Week 1 G2.pdf
Week 3 G2.pdf
Week 5 G2.pdf
Week 7 G2.pdf
Week 2 G2.pdf
Week 4 G2.pdf
WEEK 6 G2.pdf
Week 8 G2.pdf
Week 9 G2.pdf
Week 10 G2.pdf